I about myself! (Introduction Group) [ENGLISH]

If you don'know what mean all thouse words, just get in here=)

I about myself! (Introduction Group) [ENGLISH]

Сообщение Suveru » 04 фев 2013, 00:19

Hello again!
Long ago, I found this great forum - now I´m here and love it <3
With approval of "COMAN" the administrator, I can open this Thread:


Hello, I may now I introduce myself:

I´m Prince Suveru "Woolf" Van Cheaty, a black Timberwolf out of the Woods in Austria near Germany.
~bow down for you~
My english isn´t the very best but my russian is not much better xD
So I hope, all who want, understand it :3

I´m born in 1990 - in this life - and now I´m since last day of january 23 years old <3
Living in my own apartment on our family-ground <3
I´ve skype and MSN if you want to write. - I like it to add new contacts! _ don´t be shy *waggin tail*
My Motto is: I don´t care about secrets, inhibitions or taboos of my own - I´m very very open, IF you ask questions ;P

[catty32.gif] what can i say now...

I´m a furry in a special light of life... :)
In my profile are more informations about me.

If you wonna hear something other, I answer ALL questions :3

[catty24.gif] I have a big collection of Hentai/Manga/Anime- and Furry Pictures <3 BUT my biggest collection is my dvd-collection <3 650 dvd´s are calling my own video library <3

in my video library there are 50% horror, 40% anime and 10% comedie Movies <3

so... ahm... I hope that was all <3
So: see you soon and thank you for your time - hope you wonna write too :3

Suveru "Woolf" Van Cheaty
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